Removing Wrecks

Dredging hydrotechnical activity: Marine Engineering operates with modern dredge facilities.. Dredging is a type of hydrotechnical activity, which is the extraction of earth masses from the bottom of the sea, filling or deepening by means of specialized equipment for scooping or suction and loading the ship for removal to a depot. In the event that the landfill is...

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marine construction

Marine Construction:   Survey - geodesy, ground survey, underwater research, design and implementation of infrastructure objects in the shallow water and coastal zone. Installation and dismantling of structures at sea or of details under water: deep-sea discharges, dead anchors and others. Construction and reconstruction of hydrotechnical facilities:...

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Rental of equipment

Fortification of rivers and the sea coast:   We are experts in a wide range of coastal protection methods such as the construction of hard sea defences, seawalls, breakwaters, breakwaters, underwater bunds, fixed piers or wharves with open piles, sand traps, coastal armoring with liners, gabions, acropods as well and light engineering solutions, including sand dune stabilization....

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maritime transport

Maritime transport: Delivery of hexapods, rock mass and other materials and structures related to marine construction, with the possibility of self-loading and unloading in hard-to-reach shallow water places in the sea. Transport of equipment by sea to construction sites. Cargo handling on a raid by a crane ship.

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Other related activities

Other related offers: Maintenance of navigation equipment: lighthouses, buoys and others. Retrieving sunken property. Drilling activities. Rental: Motor vessel with a carrying capacity of 200 tons. Mobile crane 25 tons "Saturn 25". Excavator "Ackerman H16D". *For all types of...

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