"Marine Engineering Technologies" Ltd has the following equipment:

  • Motor vessel 414 gross register tons, 56 meters length, deadweight 200 tons, draft 0.8 meters at the bow and 1.8 meters at the stern. In connection with the implementation of various projects, the ship has a built work platform at the bow, where equipment up to 70 tons can be located;

  • "Saturn 25" mobile crane has a load capacity of 25 tons with attachment devices hook or grab, depending on the activity it will perform;

  • Excavator "Ackerman H16D" - 43 tons with long and short arm and attached to it: bucket or multi-jaw grapple;

  • Floating crane for self-propelled or non-self-propelled pontoon;

For other types of activities, "Marine Engineering Technologies" undertakes to rent or purchase equipment suitable for the performance of the required service.